Coffee/Bagel Combo Coming to Eau Claire

Emily Kinzel

Image: m01229 | CC 2.0
Image: m01229 | CC 2.0

A new location was recently approved by the Eau Claire Plan Commission for a new Caribou Coffee shop paired with an Einstein Bros. Bagels. This duo can further fuel society’s obvious coffee and bagel addiction from their future location on West Clairemont Avenue directly across from Sacred Heart Hospital. The shop will replace the Cenex gas station that’s there currently. The best part is there will be a drive-through option as well for those in dire need of sustenance smothered in cream cheese. Who could top these two heavenly breakfast and caffeine suppliers, considering Einstein’s extensive list of bagels and schmear – some with cheesy hash browns – and Caribou’s quality coffee? Soon, students and non-students alike will be awake and fully functional with bellies full of a hot joe and freshly toasted bagels.