Crawling for a Cause

Das Loop Pub crawl will raise funds for ailing girl

Natalie Rosenkranz

Whether you’re down to drink some spirits or looking to raise some, the Das Loop Pub Crawl is what you should be doing on Saturday, Feb. 4! The Das Loop Pub Crawl is a fun charity event that takes place every year on the first Saturday in February. The Das Loop Foundation has raised and donated $15,000 to charities in the Eau Claire area over the past five years, and the proceeds from this year’s event are going to a 9-year-old girl named Ashlynn. According to Das Loop’s event page, Ashlynn has a rare genetic condition called Peters plus syndrome (i.e. Krause-Kivlin syndrome). The Das Loop Foundation explains, “Peters plus has the largest impact on her vision, causing her to be legally blind with shunts in both eyes for glaucoma.” However, blindness isn’t the only thing Ashlynn’s is battling: She also has a potentially tethered spinal cord that’s causing pain in her foot. Due to this, Ashlynn will more than likely need surgery in the next year, and the surgery will involve an extensive recovery period afterwards. Ultimately, the Das Loop Foundation hopes to raise as much as $15,000 this year to help the family cover medical expenses, among other costs. Bars participating in the event include the Eau Claire Ale House, the Do Dodge Inn, Bowl Winkle’s, Bull Pen Sports Bar, Lazy Monk Brewing, Wigwam Tavern, The Sports Page, My Place Bar, Scooters Bar, Playmakers Bar and Grill, The Plus, The Mousetrap Tavern, Clancy’s Irish Parrot Bar, The Pickle, Brothers of Eau Claire, Lucky’s, and She-nannigans. If you’re interested in partaking in this year’s Das Loop Pub Crawl, you can purchase a shirt from any of the aforementioned bars –  just call beforehand and make sure there are still shirts available. 

Das Loop Pub Crawl • 2pm Saturday, Feb. 4, to 2:30am Sunday, Feb. 5 • various taverns in Eau Claire • dasloopwi@gmail.com • facebook.com/dasloopEC