Note from the Editor | August 24, 2016

Nick Meyer

In a matter of days, roughly 400 upperclassmen students will be moving into the new six-story downtown structure called Haymarket Landing, which towers right above Barstow Street and the Eau Claire River. The impact of this event is really significant, and could even surpass the effect seen upon the opening of the Lismore Hotel. It was apparent to even the most casual observer that there was a night-and-day difference in the foot traffic on Barstow and other downtown streets after the new hotel opened its doors earlier this year. Local businesses have testified to the increase in sales, and the general increase in energy on the street has been welcomed. If the Lismore is at maximum occupancy, that translates to well over 200 people staying there on any given night (not to mention the people at the events held there or simply there for dinner, etc). Well, now just a block north, double that number of people will be living on-site around the clock for pretty much the entire year. Combine these two effects and things should be looking pretty good. The economic and cultural impact is poised to be a very positive thing for downtown and for UW-Eau Claire’s relationship with the community it calls home.