A Good Time to Thank a Farmer

Nick Meyer

Last week I donned a pair of plastic gloves, an apron, and a comically undersized white paper hat to serve what seemed like nearly 1,000 heaping scoops of scrambled eggs to folks at the 20th annual Breakfast in the Valley. To celebrate Dairy Month each June, the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce sees roughly 3,500 people turn out for this event at the Eau Claire County Expo Center, celebrating our region’s agriculture and farm families. Thankfully I didn’t have to cook the eggs, I just doled them out. So there I was in my little hat, standing over a steaming vat of the carefully concocted mixture of eggs, ham, and mushrooms, using an ice cream scooper to deliver the goods. Over and over and over. While I can tell you with confidence they were quite tasty, I can also tell you I never want to look at a pile of scrambled eggs ever again. But of course, my heroic effort in serving those eggs wasn’t the point of the morning – it was to stop and consider the enormous impact the dairy and other farms in our area have on our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. At the root of it, two things originally built our community: lumber and agriculture. One of those industries is largely gone, and the other is often a struggle for the remaining few who practice it. And that’s too bad, because those who farm are some of the most hard-working, humble, and genuine people you’d ever come across. So if you can, thank a farmer. Because without them, whether you’re serving a thousand people or just a few around your table at home, our breakfast each morning wouldn’t be so bright.

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