Summer Music Returns

by Nick Meyer

Yes, it’s that time of year: the return of the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series in Phoenix Park! We at Volume One are truly proud of how our community has rallied around the simple idea of great local music in a beautiful local park. You’ve all made it into the preeminent summer music series and pretty much a full-blown weekly downtown festival. And after 10 seasons, our excitement around the launch of each year’s event is as strong as it’s ever been. This year the series kicks off on Thursday, June 2 and will be packed with everything you’ve loved about the last decade of music on the river. Many of our best longtime local bands will once again play the park, right alongside several newcomers who are absolutely worth your attention, too. Check the schedule on page 7 to find your favorites, and be sure to visit to chip in a few bucks for the talented musicians of our community, or donate right on site. So what’s new? Well, many people have been wondering about using the new parking ramp, but unfortunately that won’t open until the end of the summer or early fall, so smart parking (or biking) is still the name of the game. Please stay out of private business or residential parking lots so our downtown community can still thrive. Other than that, expect the same winning formula that’s made the event what it is: music + food + family + friends = true summer fun. Summer Thursdays are just around the corner. We’ll see you out there soon.

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