Whining for the Win

missing Matt Bellasai’s UW-Stout show would be the worst

Anne Sandell

Matt Bellassai
Matt Bellassai

While many people can drink wine and complain, few have achieved celebrity status doing so; Matt Bellassai is the exception. If you’re on Facebook, follow BuzzFeed, or appreciate any and all things involving wine, you’ve probably heard of Bellassai. The face off BuzzFeed’s popular Web series Whine About It, Bellassai took his ability to drink copious amounts of wine while complaining to a camera and did the impossible: He won a People’s Choice Award for “favorite social-media star” and became an Internet sensation. He left BuzzFeed back in January to pursue other ventures, including comedy touring, which is what will bring him to our neck of the woods for a March 30 show at UW-Stout. The show will be a Q&A session between Bellassai and a moderator, where he will answer questions generated from a survey sent out by UW-Stout’s Blue Devil Productions to those attending the event. Filling out the survey will also enter the respondents into a drawing for a post-show meet-and-greet with Bellassai. (Find the survey here. To be eligible for the meet-and-greet, you must enter by Thursday, March 24, at noon.) Bellassai will not be permitted to bring along his bottled co-star, as alcohol is strictly prohibited in the university’s public buildings, but the show surely won’t lack any whining on his part. So far tickets have been selling fast, and 807 seats are expected to sell out prior to the event. Matt Bellassai, the Chippewa Valley eagerly awaits your arrival, and for those of you attending, we’ve only got one question we’d like you to ask him: How did you pull this one off? 

Matt Bellassai • Wednesday, March 30, doors 7pm, show 8pm • Great Hall of Memorial Student Center, UW-Stout, Menomonie • $10-15 students, $20-25 general public • (715) 232-2432 • tickets.uwstout.edu