Nano-Scale Marvels

NanoDays 2016 at the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire

One of the Chippewa Valley’s premiere places for small people is thinking big about the little stuff – the really, really little stuff. On Tuesday, March 29, from 6:30-8pm, the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire will host an event as part of NanoDays 2016. NanoDays takes place nationally March 26 to April 3. It is the largest community-based public outreach effort in nanoscale science education, involving museums, research centers and universities from Puerto Rico to Alaska.

“The rising tide of STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in the workplace combined with an ever-increasing need for people who can think outside the box and solve problems creatively, means one of the best ways to prepare our kids for the future is by exposing them to ‘edu-taining’ methods of STEM learning,” says Jacqueline Van Hemert, director of programs and events at the museum. “NanoDays isn’t just an event about science, although learning about awesome nanoscale marvels and cool new technologies is pretty cool. It’s an event about fun, interaction, play, and hands-on exploration of our big – and small – world.”

CMEC is working in partnership with students and faculty members from the UW-Eau Claire Materials Science and Engineering Center to offer a science fair-style event that is educational and fun. Kids of all ages can get hands-on with interactive experiment stations throughout the museum.

“Best of all, it’s free and family-friendly,” Van Hemert adds. “ What more could you ask for on a Tuesday night in the Chippewa Valley?” We couldn’t agree more.