Note from the Editor | October 28, 2015

Nick Meyer

Big news, Volume One is hiring! If you’ve got a background in English and an eye for detail, this might be your chance to join the Volume One team. We’re hiring what we call our Resource & Listings Editor – a core part of our team that manages vast reservoirs of information including listings of events, businesses, restaurants, attractions, and much more. You can read all about the gig, the benefits, and even check out our office at We’ve got a priority deadline of Nov. 2, but if you find out about it late don’t be afraid to drop us a line. While the position is officially titled as an “editor,” in a way it’s really a sort of job as a professional community advocate. You’ll work with hundreds of event producers, venues, and businesses and make sure locals and visitors know about all the amazing stuff happening and available to them in the Chippewa Valley. And due to the significant online and printed proliferation of the work you produce, you’ll regularly see the impact your job has on tens of thousands of readers right here in your community who rely on what you do, as well as see your impact on the businesses and economic vitality of the entire region. Plus, there’s free coffee. Yes, you read that right. So, look it up online and see if working at Volume One might feel right to you.

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