Note from the Editor | August 5, 2015

Nick Meyer

Directly above my computer monitor in my office, I have a whole slew of Post-it notes, each with a couple of words written on them in black sharpie. Every one represents an idea or initiative I have in mind for Volume One and our varied endeavors. They’re all things I intend, someday either soon or in the not-too-distant future, to make happen. They’re all organized into three categories which are basically buckets of priority – an active “now” category, a “maybe soon” sort of category, and a “not yet” back burner. Those who know me best may think I have everything on the front burner all the time, and some days it feels that way, but no, there is in fact a very full back burner. All this is a fairly weak attempt to organize what’s in my head every day and get it out where I can see it. Unfortunately, the visual sometimes serves more to taunt and remind me of what I haven’t been able to make happen yet than it does to organize my efforts. But it feels good to write something down and stick it up there. It feels even better to pull one down after it’s done. In a way, I feel like the whole community has an imaginary board like this we’re all operating off of all the time to make this place a little better. Everyone’s version is a little different, but by and large most of us are on the same page. We’ve got things we know we need to get done as a community, and we know which ones are most important to do first. So we all keep working on them. Sometimes something on the back burner might suddenly jump toward the front, or something up front gets pushed back. But we all feel better knowing everything is in the works on some level – that we are moving ourselves forward.

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