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Time to Koza Up

singer-songwriter returns to UWEC for Cabin gigs

by Ally Kann

Chris Koza’s music is a graceful blend of rock, pop, and Americana with a definite Midwestern flare, despite his Portland roots. Last November the singer-songwriter opened for Ingrid Michaelson at UW-Eau Claire’s Zorn Arena, but this time he’ll be playing his own shows in The Cabin inside Davies Center. Koza is involved in multiple music projects. Besides his own solo career, he is a part of the Minneapolis-based band Rogue Valley, which has been hailed by some as one of Minnesota’s best bands. Recently, Koza also been active in film: His song “The Wolves and the Ravens” was featured in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and he composed the entire soundtrack of the 2014 film Beyond the Divide. Koza pulls much of his inspiration from daily life and nature. On Facebook he lists rain, river, heavy traffic, and “the tea kettle on the stove first thing in the morning” as his influences.  In Real Time, Koza’s latest album, is about “confronting perceptions of time, the oasis of the in-between, and the allure of the ocean.” He has said that this album features some of his favorite work to date, with inspiration coming from a deeply personal place. His songs have poetic and emotional lyrics that paint pictures in a way that is definitively Koza. If you’re into the Minneapolis music scene, with artists like Haley Bonar and Jeremy Messermith, you’ll definitely dig Koza. Having seen Chris Koza perform multiple times myself, I can truthfully say he’s worth seeing. His passion for music is evident in every chord and he sings for not only himself but for the audience. If you’re free on May 8 or 9, I’d suggest you go check him out.

Chris Koza • Friday, May 8, 11:30am and 8pm; Saturday, May 9, 8pm • The Cabin, Davies Center, UW-Eau Claire • FREE • (715) 836-4833

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