Note from the Editor | April 1, 2015

Nick Meyer

It’s baby season here at Volume One. In just the past two weeks, second babies were born to both my family and the family of one of our managing editors, Tom Giffey. His is a girl, and mine is a boy. In several more weeks, our staff photographer, Andrea Paulseth, will have her first baby too. Those three babies increase the Volume One staff kid count considerably, bringing us to a total of 11 kids ranging from just a week old on up to a twentysomething. Add in some of our original founding contributors’ kids and that makes for an additional six or eight. What’s my point? Well, I guess it’s that our crew is growing up a bit. While half our staff is still under 27 years old, some of us … aren’t anymore. I was just 22 when we first conceived the idea for this publication, and at that time conceiving kids was the furthest thing from my mind. Back then, most of us had no more responsibilities at home than a potted plant or two. But now, more than 13 years later, many of us have a lot more going on at home than when we first set the publishing wheels in motion. So now, as I type this I’m looking at my newborn son all swaddled up a couple of feet away, sleeping like an actual baby. And upstairs, my three-year-old is hopefully falling asleep after my third attempt to tuck him in. Of course, neither of them have a clue about anything to do with this publication or this community. And for now, that’s a good thing. Because Dad sometimes needs to focus more on playing trains than on playing a role in the community. So here’s hoping that two little boys at home can help keep my head, and my heart, in the right place.

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