Note from the Editor | Mar. 18, 2015

Nick Meyer

If there’s one thing people love to talk about in the Chippewa Valley, it’s restaurants. We debate the merits of the ones we have, reminisce about the ones we used to have, and pine for the ones we wish we had. And despite having much more than 300 options across the valley for places to dine out, it’s especially that last one – the places we wish we had – that draws the lengthier discussion and debate. Whether it’s your favorite national chain that just hasn’t come here yet, or your desire for a greater variety of ethnic or farm-to-table choices, we all love to talk about the restaurants we want around here. But in doing so, we often forget that the average local hasn’t even been to a quarter of the ones we do have. You’d have to eat out at least once a day every day for a year to hit them all. And should you decide to take on that challenge, we’ve got just the thing for you, tucked right inside this very issue. That’s right, it’s March, which means it’s time for the latest edition of Eat Scene, Volume One’s annual Chippewa Valley dining guide. We’ve got every joint in the area listed, categorized, and ready to discover. But what’s more, if you flip over your restaurant guide, you’ll find a whole other handy resource on the other side. It’s called Night Out, Volume One’s annual bar and nightlife guide. If you’re reading an issue and find someone’s already snatched your copy, feel free to stop by The Local Store in downtown Eau Claire to pick one up. And, as always you can find a highly searchable version of the guide, plus nearly 5,000 restaurant and bar reviews from local eaters like you, online at VolumeOne.org/food. Now, get reading. You’ve got a lot of eating to do.