Know Your Neighborhoods

Just getting acquainted with Eau Claire or thinking of moving off campus? Here are some ’hoods you should know.

V1 Staff

Randall Park

You may refer to this as the “student ghetto,” but you’re wrong. The Historic Randall Park Neighborhood is home to thousands of students, but also some of the oldest homes in Eau Claire and plenty of families. Named after the park that sits in the center (with the statue of ol’ Adin Randall himself), this is a nice neighborhood to call home after the res halls.

Third Ward

The Third Ward – creatively named after its voting district – hosts a perfect mix of family homes, students, and young professionals in gorgeously eclectic houses. The neighborhood is known to many students as just a parking lot, but take a walk through and you’ll see a couple of gorgeous parks, community gardens, and more.


Beyond the shops, restaurants, and bars that line Barstow Street are a number of residences. With a generally young population, downtown Eau Claire has been bustling with new construction and renovations.

Eastside Hill

Just up the hill from downtown, a young family neighborhood mixed with some students and young professionals offers a quiet reprieve, but still a close walk to the action. Boyd Park is one of the city’s most active, with local events all seasons and a basketball court that is always crawling with pickup games.

Putnam Heights

Just off upper campus you’ll find Shopko and Wendy’s, but tucked behind that is Putnam Heights, a large residential area that connects the downtown with Eau Claire’s south side. The neighborhood is full of postwar ranch homes and dotted with ballparks and other sports facilities.

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