JAMF a Paragon of Business, Economic Development Group Says

V1 Staff

In addition to being one of the most buzzed-about local businesses to come along in years, JAMF software is now a local award-winner. The software firm recently received the Paragon Award from the Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corp. The award is presented annually to a company that, in the EDC’s words, is “a model of economic development excellence – through business expansion and development, job creation, (and) innovation.” JAMF certainly fits that description. Founded in 2002 by UW-Eau Claire alum Zach Halmstad, the firm has 350 employees worldwide, about 150 of them in Eau Claire. Last fall, it opened a new $12 million, 72,000-square-foot office building overlooking Phoenix Park in downtown Eau Claire. The company, which makes management software for Apple devices, currently occupies two floors of the building, but expects to expand to fill the rest of the space in the near future. (In the meantime, the place is filled with 70 pieces of locally made art.) JAMF has become iconic because of its “exceptional growth and contributions to this community,” said EDC Executive Director Luke Hanson. “JAMF Software has gone above and beyond the requirements for the Paragon Award and we look forward to seeing their accomplishments prosper in the future,” he added.

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