Reporting Back

Field Report, Aero Flynn House of Rock gig marks homecoming for both

Paul Brandt

Chris Porterfield has a way with words. There’s probably a better way to say that, but after the 45-minute trip through Field Report’s excellent second album, Marigolden, it’s more tempting to let him speak for himself: “Putting on old clothes in a new way / Putting on the pose of a new stage / Waking up every day just a little bit changed.” Marigolden begins musically where Field Report’s self-titled debut left off, with Porterfield’s vocals and guitar taking center stage, but there is a general sense of propulsion throughout this album, both instrumentally and lyrically. Shane Leonard and Ben Lester – both with Eau Claire ties of their own – provide layers of percussion that keep the songs moving forward, and Porterfield’s words often specifically address his decision to stop drinking. It’s easy to see a band’s second album as an opportunity to grow, but it’s rare to see it play out so strikingly in the liner notes. “Leave the lights on / Cause it might be nighttime when I get there / But I’m on my way home.” When Field Report takes the stage at the House of Rock on Friday, Nov. 7, as part of their Marigolden tour, it will be a homecoming of sorts. Porterfield spent a good chunk of the 2000s in Eau Claire, lending a hand in DeYarmond Edison while working on his own material, and he refers to the venue as “a seminal place for me – I played a lot of shows and saw a lot of shows there.” But the real treat is that Aero Flynn, the new project from former Amateur Love leader Josh Scott, is sharing the bill with Field Report. Porterfield and Scott were originally in the band Dinner With Gregg together, and this marks Scott’s first project in nearly 10 years. With the new band’s album completed but still under wraps, this show provides an incredible opportunity to get an early preview of Aero Flynn and see Field Report’s Marigolden played live, all in one night. “So you practiced your name / In the margins of pages / Of a hundred thousand rough drafts.” Field Report, as a project, was a work in progress for a number of years, under a variety of names, and with a variety of band mates. Aero Flynn seems to be a similarly drawn-out effort, built over time and crafted carefully. It was always clear to see the talent that both Porterfield and Scott had as songwriters, but now we get to see the payoff from years of hard work. So celebrate, sing along, and, in Porterfield’s own words, start to believe it.

Field Report + Aero Flynn + TBA • Friday, Nov. 7, doors 8pm, show at 9:30pm • House of Rock, 422 Water St., Eau Claire • $10 advanced admission, $12 day of show • (715) 838-0158 •