Wisconsin Film Festival Accepting Submissions

Eric Christenson

Got a film with Wisconsin ties that’s so good you can taste it, but you haven’t really shown it to anybody? Here’s an opportunity. The Wisconsin Film Festival is now officially accepting submissions for next spring’s fest in Madison. The festival welcomes narrative, documentary, experimental, and animated films or videos of any length as long as there’s some connection America’s Dairyland. Make a submission by Dec. 1 to be considered (if you’re a student, that deadline is extended to Dec. 31). “Connection to Wisconsin” means two things, really: Either a third of the film was shot on location in Wisconsin, or one or more of the film’s principal creative personnel (director, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, lead actor, etc.) must be one of the following: a) Wisconsin native; b) former Wisconsin resident for one or more years; c) current Wisconsin resident; or d) alumnus or currently enrolled in a Wisconsin college or university. Cash prizes are given to non-student films (for example in 2013, $250 for each recipient of the Golden Badger award, the fest’s highest honor) to help promote filmmaking in the state. Additionally, audiences vote for their favorite narrative and documentary feature films. The festival takes place April 9-15. 2015.