Ingrid Michaelson Heading to Zorn Arena

Lisa de Felice

If you think Ingrid Michaelson sounds amazeballs over the radio, then you better get ready for some mind-blowing music when she comes to UW–Eau Claire’s Zorn Arena this November. As one of the biggest indie-pop musicians of her time, Michaelson knows how to create down-to-earth music that can be soothing and upbeat at the same time. Sara Larsen, a marketing specialist at UWEC and a hardcore fan of Michaelson, describes her music as “soulful and catchy,” and says she enjoys going to her shows because “she really engages with the audience and makes you want to be her friend.”  I’m sure Michaelson wants to be your friend, too, Sara. Tickets are currently on sale, $25 for general admission and $15 for students. That’s less than one Toppers Pizza or a 24-pack of your favorite beer! Purchase tickets at UWEC’s Service Center or online at www.uwec.edu/servicecenter and get your groove on with Michaelson.