Tiny Hiney: “Why I Like Neighborhoods”

Eva Paulus

Tiny Hiney is written by Eva Paulus, the eight-year-old daughter of Volume One columnist Mike Paulus (who writes The Rear End). For this installment, Eva wrote about neighborhoods.

I like neighborhoods because there are so many mamas and daddies and kids. There are friends and neighbors, alleys and streets that I have never even been on, new friends, old friends, new foes and old foes. There are nice, warm, inviting houses, prim houses, shabby houses, old houses, new houses.

Sometimes birds fly over the houses. Eagles, vultures, and robins are just a few.

But wait! There are squirrels, bunnies, and chipmunks! Also cats and dogs. And don’t forget about bugs. Bees. Butterflies. Dragonflies. And more! Some pollinate the beautiful flowers in some people’s front and back yards. And of course don’t forget about us humans! Young and old, thin and round, short and tall, there could be hundreds in one neighborhood!

And all that comes to one thing: Why I Like Neighborhoods. Because there are people, animals, houses, trees, and flowers. Neighborhoods are for meeting, living, planting, and most importantly, seeing how fortunate we are to have them.

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