Meet Gristled Blues Rockers, The Strips

Zack Katz

Earlier this year, Eau Claire blues rockers The Strips released their debut album Welcome to our Basement on April 22 and have been magnetic in picking up a following along the way. New to the scene they may be, but with Trey Sharpe’s gristly vocals cooked up over their unconventional output, The Strips will give you the business without any added sugar. Weighing in at six tracks, this memorable effort was recorded by Evan Middlesworth of Dames at Pine Hollow Audio. Born out of open mic performances and basement shows, the raw, unrefined rockers are graduating to a slew of larger scale performances such as the B.Y.O.B. Music Festival in mid August. Dig on Basement free of charge on the trio’s Bandcamp page, and catch them live in action at House of Rock for fellow locals Whale House’s Sept. 13 CD release gig. Here the band at thestrips.bandcamp.com