A Quick, Ambient Turnaround for New Hounds Before Lions EP

Eric Christenson

Hounds Before Lions used to be fairly buttoned-up, writing achingly charming indie rock songs, but I don’t know what happened. With previous releases, you’d hear drums and bass and rock convention in a sweet little package. But now with their quick new EP, Homecoming, the trio have wrenched the gears toward complete ambience. Instead of Sam Clark’s previous strummy guitar shimmer and soft vocals, you have spacy synth work, light drum splashes, nary a sung vocal, and delay pedal galore. It’s a pretty huge swtich that makes sense. The two tracks here, “Pacato” and “Exit Wound” drone together for eight minutes of bliss. It’s a shame, though. For a band just finding its voice — a unique one in Eau Claire’s scene, too — they’re calling it quits after the release of a third unheard song as Clark moves west. Stream and download Homecoming at houndsbeforelions.bandcamp.com.