Note from the Editor | Sept. 4, 2014

Nick Meyer

It feels good to be shaken from your routine now and again. And when you have a two-and-a-half year old kid, it’s pretty easy (and probably necessary) to fall into a routine. We all have the things we usually do around town, the places we usually go – not only out of day-to-day necessity, but also for casual social outings. The places we’re “regulars.”  But seemingly more than ever, this community offers some genuinely unique experiences – opportunities to do something completely different that, for me, helps keep up my appreciation for this place and all it offers. Just a couple of recent examples, both of which happen to be in the dinner category. “A Grand Evening on the Bridge” recently happened for the first time (photo at right). Raising money for The Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild and Downtown Eau Claire Inc., roughly 120 people gathered for an amazing open-air meal over the Chippewa River on a long dinner table spanning the Grand Avenue footbridge. The other example was part of a thank-you gift from the Around the Farm Table crowdfunding campaign. The locally-produced TV show is featured on PBS affiliates around the Midwest. They’re hosting a series of small groups, one of which I was lucky enough to be a part of, for a private and charming farm-to-table dinners on their beautiful plot in the rolling hills of Osseo. Discovering the opportunities for these types of experiences means we need to pay attention, and in these two cases, be willing to donate to great organizations. And while fancy dinners may not be for everyone, there’s no shortage of similar “outside the box” events and happenings that can help shake up your routine and keep things fresh. All you have to do is look.