Note from the Editor | July 10, 2014

Nick Meyer, photos by Emily Hazen

In a few weeks several friends of mine (and our kids) will be making the trek to the pizza farm near Stockholm. If you’ve never been there, don’t worry about it – it’s sort of a well-guarded secret that should stay that way! Only open on Tuesday evenings, it’s already packed enough each week with hundreds (thousands?) of lovers of seriously fresh pizza sprawled out across the grounds of a little farm in the middle of nowhere. For my group, it’s become an annual tradition – we’ve gone for at least the last five years or more. The place just oozes charm. And these days it’s right on trend with the slow/local food movement. Surrounded by lush Wisconsin countryside, the place somehow makes you feel simultaneously part of the past and the future. There’s a hint of agrarian nostalgia and a dash of “returning to our roots” futurism. And of course amazing and unique pizza. It’s one of those experiences that makes Wisconsin summers so enjoyable, and memorable. Frankly, it seems like there are too many things like that to even fit into a normal summer anymore. So many cool things to do but not enough weeks to do them in. But I guess that’s better than the other way around.

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