Note from the Editor | May 15, 2014

Nick Meyer

I’m often asked during various presentations why we started Volume One. The simple version is that we saw a gap in local media coverage of music, arts, and the culture of this community. To that end, our pages covered some pretty obscure local stuff in those early days, as we still sometimes do today. These days it would be fair to say, as our editorial coverage has evolved and grown, we’re a little more broad-based than we first set out to be. And that’s mostly a good thing. But as the publication and organization (not to mention myself) matures, one goal is of course to make sure we don’t become part of the problem we were originally trying to solve – meaning we don’t want to develop any egregious blind spots for the up-and-coming aspects of local arts and culture. Some areas may just not want to be covered, as tends to be the case with the impressive ebb and flow of Eau Claire’s basement and house show scene. But regardless, we want to be aware of everything that’s happening out there – the good stuff flying under the radar of the vast majority of locals. And while we certainly have a small army of staff and contributors out there in the mix, we also wouldn’t mind hearing directly from you, the reader, now and again with the things you notice: happenings, trends, new developments, whatever. Please, feel free to send an email to our general inbox anytime at mail@volumeone.org to give us a tip. On anything. Think of Volume One as a mirror on the community. And it takes all of us to make sure that reflection is complete. So if you can help that out, please do! Thanks.