A River Adventure for Kids

Barbara Arnold

Calling all Indiana Jones enthusiasts and Dora the Explorers ages 8 to 16 for the annual Chippewa River Adventure Camp on Saturday, April 26, from 8:30am to 4pm at Round Hill near Durand. “I love the outdoors,” says Sam Worple, Trip Leader at UW-Eau Claire’s Environmental Adventure Center and coordinator of this year’s camp. He and other trip leaders want to share that love. This year’s activities include archery, rifle range, and trapping for sure, with others in process of being decided, according to Worple. Other activities in the past have included canoeing, kayaking, fishing, map and compass, outdoor cooking, and a GPS treasure hunt. Each adventurer will have the chance to participate in four activities during the day. Worple who has led the fishing station quickly rattled off everything covered from baiting with a worm, setting and rigging a bobber, to casting the line. Any fish caught is returned to the river. A new station this year is trapping, and includes an experienced, long-time trapper of beaver, muskrat, and raccoons along with his nine-year-old son who will help teach other adventurers. The cost is $40 per youth and includes all instruction and equipment as well as a brick oven pizza lunch. Parents are invited to attend at no additional cost. For additional information or how to sign up, call the Environmental Adventure Center at (715) 836-3616 or contact Sam Worple at worpless@uwec.edu or (608) 302-7430.