5 Regional Railways We Turned Into Bike Trails

Allison Puestow, photos by Andrea Paulseth

1. Chippewa River State Trail

This 38.5-mile trail runs between Eau Claire and Durand, partly following an abandoned railroad corridor. There are 10 public campsites along the trail, plus lots of services as it runs through cities and towns. It’s open to cross country skiing in winter, and parts are open for snowmobiling.

2. Old Abe State Trail

A nearly 20-mile long trail, Old Abe connects Chippewa Falls to Cornell, WI and their state parks. It’s an old railroad corridor that now is open to bicyclists, snowmobilers, hikers, horseback riders, and inline skaters. Horseback riders and bikers 16 years and older need a state trail pass.

3. Red Cedar State Trail

This 14.5-mile trail connects Menomonie to the Dunville Wildlife Area, and then south of the river it connects to the Chippewa River State Trail. This trail is open to hikers, cyclists, cross-country skiers, and snowshoers.

4. Buffalo River State Trail

Connecting Fairchild to Mondovi, this 36.4-mile trail mostly follows the Buffalo River and passes by Eleva, Strum, and Osseo. It’s open to horseback riding, biking, snowmobiling, mountain biking, and cross country skiing.

5. Wildwood Trail

Running between Woodville and Spring Valley, Wildwood Trail follows an old railroad right-of-way and runs 7.6 scenic miles. Snowmobiling, cross country skiing, horseback riding, and mountain biking are allowed on the trail.

You can find more information about these trails and trails nationwide at TrailLink.com.