A Collection of Stories

Dustin Hahn

Singer and songwriter Mike Quick released his fourth album House of Dreams last December. This collaborative work showcases many local talents, such as Yata and Dixie Duffey. Being able to draw on so many different musicians allowed Quick to assemble a diverse and unique song list, in both the message and lyrical content of each song. “What’s most important to me is what the songs communicate and say to a listener,” Quick said. And his songs do just that. “The King of Rock & Roll” talks about Elvis Presley, his manager, and the lawyers who made all of the deals through his career. “Little Buddha Knows” drifts from the star-studded and recollects Quick’s bartending days in California, where a homeless man known only as “Little Buddha” would come in nearly every day to do odd jobs. House of Dreams is available for purchase at The Local Store.