What Do You Want to See at the Priory?

Emily Albrent

It’s time for UW-Eau Claire students and faculty as well as the community to come together and start thinking about future plans for the grounds at The Priory. The former convent, just south of Eau Claire, houses the university’s day care center and will eventually be home to a living-learning student community in collaboration with the Ho-Chunk tribe. Garry Running, a UWEC geography professor, has been asked to convene a committee about how the rest of The Priory gardens and grounds can be developed. The Priory Gardens and Grounds Summit, which will be held 8:30am-noon on Saturday, April 19, at The Priory, will focus on what can be done with the 112 acres of land. Running said he has taken his classes to the property to do soil studies, and sees it as a type of living laboratory that better helps students learn. He said people have many other ideas for the future of the land and the overall goal of the summit is to find individuals and organizations interested in sharing what they would like to see happen.