2013 Best of the Chippewa Valley: The results!

V1 Staff

Every year we turn to you, dear reader, to tell us (and your neighbors) what’s on your mind. We ask you to tell us the best places to eat, the best bands to check out, the best shops to visit, the biggest news stories and plenty more tidbits of Chippewa Valley trivia. And every year you come out in droves to let your voices be heard in our Best Of The Chippewa Valley Reader Poll. And that’s nothing to scoff at.

This year, 4,288 of you chimed in to give us some insight on our own community. You cast just under 100,000 votes spread over 150+ categories. That’s a lot of opinions. And probably most amazingly is that they’re all over the place. Some categories had scores of responses that ranged from having a couple votes to hundreds. And sure, the Best Of is a poll so we counted up votes to find the top three results of every category, but almost more interesting is the diversity of opinions represented ...

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Best of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll 2013