Volume One Special Coverage: Pulling Together While Staying Apart


Undeclared? Who Cares?

the coolest, most interesting four-year schedule of college in the Chippewa Valley*

Emily Albrent

I ain't declaring nothing.
"I ain't declarin' nothing."

Does staring at the course catalog leave you feeling that something is lacking? Sure, there are plenty of practical (i.e., boring-sounding) classes that you should take to set yourself on a path toward a specific major. What’s the fun in that? Yes, it will ...

First semester

Geography 365: Tourism Geographies (UWEC)
Peace Studies 201: Introduction to Applied Peace Studies (Stout)
Kinesiology 115: Ultimate Frisbee (UWEC)
Basic Motorcycle Rider (CVTC)
Music 111: Folk Music in the U.S. (UWEC)

Second semester

Anthropology 630: Ojibwe Lifeways (Stout)
Forklift Operator-Train Trainer (CVTC)
Geography 369: Geography of Food (UWEC)
Marketing 331: Buyer Behavior (UWEC)
Hospitality and Tourism 330: Resort Planning and Operation (Stout)

Third semester

Blueprint Reading (CVTC)
History 392: History of Mad Science (Stout)
American Indian Studies/Art
History 337: Art of Tawantinsuyu (UWEC)
Health 296 C: Stress Management (Stout)
Religions 348: Religious Themes in Literature  (UWEC)

Fourth semester

History 480: History of Wisconsin (UWEC)
Risk Control 301: Current Issues in Traffic Safety Education (Stout)
Music 112: History of Rock and Pop (UWEC)
Haircutting 1 (CVTC)
Criminal Justice 359: Teen Technology Use (UWEC)

Fifth semester

Literature 308: Alice Walker: Beyond Purple (Stout)
Biology 331: Trees and Shrubs (UWEC)
Introduction to College Life (CVTC)
English 351: Chaucer and His Age (UWEC)
Military Science and Leadership 302: Leadership Under Fire (Stout)

Sixth semester

Salon Science (CVTC)
Apparel 101: Introduction to Apparel Design and Development (Stout)
Communication and Journalism 370: Magazine Editing and Design (UWEC)
Literature 280: Best-Sellers (Stout)
Chinese 102: Beginning Chinese (UWEC)

Seventh semester

Robotic Welding (CVTC)
Photography 441: Fashion and Glamour Photography (Stout)
French 482: The Theater in France (UWEC)
Food and Nutrition 244: Farm to Fork: Food Issues (Stout)
Women’s Studies 440: Lesbian Lives and Cultures (UWEC)

Eighth semester

Design 320: Furniture Design (Stout)
Nursing 300: Travelers’ Health (UWEC)
Psychology of Human Relations (CVTC)
Geography 280: Introduction to Cartography (UWEC)
Food and Nutrition 210: Issues and Ethics in Food and Nutrition (Stout)

Super-Senior work

Communication and Journalism 406/606: Persuasion (UWEC)
Sociology 275: Sociology of Gender Roles (Stout)
Geology 303: Rocky Mountain Field Studies (UWEC)
Apparel Design/ Manufacturing 211: History of Fashion – 19th Century to Present (Stout)
Speech Communication 414: Interviewing (Stout)
Theater 351: Advanced Costume Shop Practicum (UWEC)

* class schedule does not take into account pre-requisites, enrollment, or the desire to at some point graduate with a degree in something.

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