Note from the Editor | Feb. 28, 2013

Nick Meyer

At V1, this past year has been one where everything needed to get figured out all over again. It’s like when you move into a new house or apartment – you have to determine which closets and drawers will hold what and how it all flows, etc. Or when you get a new pet or kid – a whole new routine needs to be worked out and tweaked as you go. That’s basically been the situation at V1. With a new office, new gallery, new store, new co-working space and more came a lot of new responsibilities and new problems to be solved. It’s fun to think about (and build) all these new things, but you tend to put out of your mind all the other little things that pop up when you start new big things. The day-to-day details, like the fact that we’re still figuring out how to handle all our new holiday decorations in the off season (First World problems, I know). But it’s this sort of stuff that can drive you mad in the middle of a Wisconsin winter. For now, I keep dreaming of major spring cleaning projects to get some stuff sorted out... I can smell the breeze coming my way now ...

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