Note from the Editor | Feb. 14, 2013

Nick Meyer

Last week Volume One held its first Contributor Hangout/Meeting in quite sometime. About 25 writers, photographers, and V1 staff of all ages gathered in the Volume One Gallery to chow some pizza and imbibe some beer, all the while talking about ideas for the magazine, the website, and for the community in general. It’s something we used to do with great regularity, but had fallen off during the whirlwind that was our last couple of years. So in 2013, with a brand-new space to hold such brainstorming sessions, our editors made it a priority to bring these bi-monthly gatherings back, and we’re pretty excited about it. The people who tend to sign up to contribute are idea people. They have things to say, and they’re not afraid to say them. So it makes for lively conversation to be sure. If this kind of thing sounds fun, we’d love for you to join the ranks of our many talented contributors and be there for the next gathering. So if you’ve ever wanted to contribute something to the magazine or website – writing, photos, illustrations, whatever – this might be a great year to do it. Visit to learn more.

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