Self Help for Self-Publishing Your Book

Thom Fountain

Local editor and author Rob Bignell has worked with hundreds of writers, new and old, who kept coming to him with concerns and questions about self-publishing. As these questions came again and again, Bignell decided to answer the most frequent in a series of books, including 7 Minutes a Day to a Self-Published Book, 7 Minutes a Day to a Bestseller and 7 Minutes a Day to Promote Your Book. The suite is designed for writers to easily put out their work, which many are already doing, but can be hard. “The challenge of self-publishing is that writers have to do almost everything that a big publishing house would otherwise do for them – editing, designing a cover, formatting the book, handling the printing and distribution, sending out press releases and more,” Bignell said. You can buy the books at Bignell’s website, InventingReality.4T.com.