(Local) Destination Weddings

unique places to get hitched – or at least take photos – in the Chippewa Valley

Thom Fountain

Carson Park

For the lovestruck sports fans, Carson Park offers everything you’d need for some special photos. Want to include Hank Aaron in between your father and new brother-in-law? No problem. Vows on the 50-yard line? Why not? Have your ring bearer canoe up on Half Moon Lake? Sounds like a plan to me. And heck, who needs wedding cake when you have a Dairy Queen right outside?


For the lovestruck beer snobs, a keg for the reception might not be all you want from a local brewery. You could take photos on the gorgeous grounds of the Leinies Lodge, or better yet next to the spring well. Or how about by Lucette’s fermentation tank? Or in Lazy Monk’s tap room? No matter where you, maybe you’ll get a congratulatory pint on the house!

Mt. Simon

For the lovestruck adventurers, why not hike up to the top of Mt. Simon to seal the deal? It’s not a huge space on the edge of the cliff, so you may need to cut down your wedding party, but the benefits are pretty smashing. You can recite your vows, don your rings, have your first wedded kiss then strip down to your skivies and dive right into marriage and Dell’s Pond at the same time.

The Seahourse Inn

For the lovestruck retro nerds, The Seahorse Inn on Clairemont could be the perfect place for a 60s or 70s style wedding. You can bust out the up-dos and bell bottoms and make sure the groom’s got his mustache ready. Not to mention that we’re sure that karaoke box could be rolling with whatever tunes you wanted pumping you up for your big day.

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