Note from the Editor | Jan. 17, 2013

Nick Meyer

We recently started a new thing at the Volume One office for 2013. It’s called TED Talk Tuesdays. The first Tuesday of the month, late in the day, our staff gathers in the V1 Gallery to have a beer and watch a “TED Talk” or a similarly interesting online video on the big screen. TED Talks have become quite widely known over the last few years – they feature a variety of compelling speakers giving dynamic presentations on a bunch of topics including creativity, science, technology, education, design, and more. There are hundreds of them online, and of course thousands more videos in a similar vein. Each month a different staffer picks what they want to show the others. The screening may spark some interesting discussion or debate, or it may simply entertain us for 20 minutes while we sip a tasty beverage. But either way it’s a chance to experience an idea or concept together as a group, and who knows where that could eventually lead. We’ve only got one TED Talk Tuesday under our belts so far, but I hope the tradition sticks. And if you’ve got any must-see recommendations for our staff, let us know!

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