2012 Year in Review: Joe’s Kitchen Takes Off

V1 Staff

It was hard to believe when we first saw the Joe’s Kitchen YouTube video reached 1.2 million hits. Sure, videos go viral all the time, but one right here? About cooking? And on top of that, this wasn’t any old 10 second viral video, it was a full cooking lesson from Memorial High School recent graduate Joe Luginbill. From there, Luginbill himself went viral. He was all over the place, from Martha Stewarts call-in show, featured on cooking websites and even landed a radio show that broadcasts out in Los Angeles. Locally, Luginbill has been all over the place as well. His new company, Luginbill Omnimedia, has Joe’s face everywhere with appearances on WEAU’s Sunrise morning show, a partnership with Mega Foods as a spokesman and a sponsorship from Silver Springs Foods. Luginbill has continued making Joe’s Kitchen episodes with success, featuring a number of quick and easy recipes. Things are definitely looking up for this young chef, though.

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