2012 Year in Review: Fro-Yo Proliferates

V1 Staff, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Step aside, ice cream. Take a hike, soft-serve. Beat it, frozen custard. A different chilly concoction took the Chippewa Valley by storm in 2012: frozen yogurt. This year Eau Claire went from having zero to four fro-yo shops in the span of a few months, bringing tons of self-serve low-fat yumminess to local bellies. Whether they desire simple vanilla topped with gummy bears or a tasty melange of every flavor available, diners have plenty of choices at the new frozen yogurt facilities: Frogiyo in the Phoenix Park neighborhood (above), Raspberry Reign at 310 Water St., Cherry Berry at 2524 Golf Road, and most recently Orange Leaf Yogurt in Oakwood Mall. We’ll see if Eau Claire eaters’ taste buds cool on the idea of frogurt during the cold weather or if this hot trend survives the winter. Either way, we’ll enjoy this sweet sensation as long as it lasts.

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