2012 Year in Review: The Good Life Study Unleashed

V1 Staff

FEB 29 • “The Good Life” isn’t just a Tony Bennett tune: It’s what we have here in the Chippewa Valley, and something we can make even better by capitalizing on our natural, human and historical resources. That was the point of “The Good Life,” a “cultural plan” for Eau Claire County unveiled in March by the Chippewa Valley Museum. The museum and its partners worked for two and a half years surveying residents and groups and pondering what makes our community special. The report -- which can be viewed at eauclairegoodlife.org -- emphasized that our culture and commerce are inextricably linked to our waterways. The report suggests that “we should capitalize on the unique identity of downtown Eau Claire, built on the confluence of two scenic and historically interesting rivers.” Hmm, “The Confluence.” That’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

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