The Christmas Village

Briana Bryant

If you’re thinking your life is missing a hint of magic, check out Monica Holtz’s new book. The Eau Claire author just published her book, The Christmas Village, about the 25th anniversary of the Irvine Park Christmas Village. Through fun rhymes such as, “As you proceed on foot or go by car, gaze left and right, look near and far,” the book describes the 195 displays and 60,000 lights that make up the Christmas Village. The book is available at selected retail locations (such as the Local Store) and from the author herself for $10. The photos in the book were taken by Chippewa Valley area residents: Tim Abraham, Jean Arneson, Larry Capra, Tom Larson, John Lauson, and Jim Spaeth. Holtz wrote the rhymes, used her preferred pictures, and did the design. She’s always had a fondness for Irvine Park. “I wrote the book because I wanted to donate money to the Christmas Village in a unique way.”