Getting Involved

know who to talk to about Eau Claire's waterways

Sure, there are plenty of experts out there who know all about the flood plains and fish species and economic benefits of this versus that, but often times the best ideas come from the people down on the ground – the citizens who are using the rivers and seeing the rivers and walking across the bridges every single day. If you have ideas or want to ask questions, here are the public officials who are there to listen and answer questions locally and on the state level. Drop them a line and let them know what you’re thinking.

Parks & Waterways Meetings

The commission usually meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the City Council Chambers (other locations include Owen Park Bandshell and the Chippewa Valley Museum). For more info call (715) 839-5032 or visit

City Contacts:

Darryl Tufte
Director of Community Development
(715) 839-4914 (at) eauclairewi [d0t] gov,)

Brian Amundson
Interim City Manager, Director of Public Works / City Engineer
(715) 839-4934 (at) ci.eau-claire [d0t],)

Phil Fieber
Director of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry for the City of Eau Claire
(715) 839-5031 (at) eauclairewi [d0t] gov,)

DNR Contacts:

Scott Toshner
Fishing, Fish Management, Public Access
(715) 372-8539 (at) wisconsin [d0t] gov,)

Stacy Steinke
Water Management Specialist, West Central Region
(715) 839-1600 (at) wisconsin [d0t] gov,)

Beth Norquist
Regional Community Services Specialist, The Urban Rivers Program
(715) 839-3751 (at) wisconsin [d0t] gov,)

Plan of Action

Eau Claire develops a vision for the entire river corridor

All-Access Pass?

why it’s important to stop worrying about people touching the water

With the Current

how increased interaction with our rivers will change more than just recreation

River Videos

a collection of videos to keep you rolling down the river

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