The Good Life Confessionals

During the Chippewa Valley Museum’s “Good Life” survey in 2011, hundreds of respondents chimed in on dozens of topics related to the cultural life of Eau Claire. Many people took the opportunity with open ended questions to make comments about the use of our rivers. Here are just a few:

“All downtown and Water Street buildings face away from the rivers and the backs of the buildings are mostly waste land. Make it attractive, and people will come hang out.”

“It would be nice to see restaurants facing the river.”

“Riverfront restaurants and cafes.”

“A restaurant downtown overlooking the river.”

“I would like to see restaurants and more beautification of our city along the river fronts.”

“The Eau Claire River is beautiful and untapped. What would happen if there was a River Mall with cafés, restaurants, and meeting rooms that actually span the river? It could be a unique and vital part of the cultural attraction for Eau Claire.”

“The music scene is great in here, but we need locations to gather for events near a body of water. Eau Claire could have many locations around the city that resemble the Memorial Union in Madison. We need an overlook on a river or lake that is located in the city center that allows for food, wine and music.”

“We are missing waterfront cultural destinations for all of us to enjoy anytime we have free time, not just on those occasions when an event is scheduled.”

“We need a consistent plan to create better use of our riverfronts. There is poor consistency. For example, building a Jail along the river and promote downtown cultural use of the river fronts – these do not work together. We need to go beyond just talk.”

“Our river front downtown is a disgrace, expect for Phoenix Park. It looks like a slum on the rest of the river from the dam to the University. Also, plants along river trails need to be trimmed back so one can see the river.”

“It would be nice to incorporate our new-found love for the Chippewa River into Downtown activities. A river-fest!”

“We need a downtown river-based dragon boat race festival! This should be held in conjunction with FATFAR/inner tubing events for great synergy.”

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