Note from the Editor | Sept. 6, 2012

Nick Meyer

We just set up a pretty swank little coffee/tea station in our kitchen at the V1 office. I’ve never been a coffee drinker myself. I think I tried it once when I was twelve and never had the desire to try it again. But now that we’ve put in this cool steel and glass coffee rig for our staff, contributors, and interns (and soon our WorkSpace users), now I’m wanting to get in on the bean game. One of our longest-running advertisers/supporters, Scott Rogers, the local owner/operator of Gloria Jeans in Oakwood Mall, helped us figure out how to do it up right. We’ve got a weekly variety of whole beans on hand, a nice grinder, a trio of air pots, and a whole bunch of creamers, mixers, and syrups to play with. It smells amazing. Of course I’m into the idea of the morning caffiene boost, but I think I’m drawn to the ritual of it all as much as anything. Carefully peruse the menu and select your bean, grind it up just right, wait in the calm of the morning for it to brew, and then pump the pot, add a dash of a little sumthin’ (I’m talking flavors and creamers, not alcohol – unless it looks to be an unusally tough day ahead) and simply enjoy the aromas. We’re all set. I guess I just have to get over that terrible taste first. Then I’ll be addicted in no time.

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