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Fro-yo Explosion

two new frozen yogurt shops in Eau Claire

Kinzy Janssen

Raspberry Reign is one of two new frozen yogurt shops in Eau Claire. Break out your spoons!
Raspberry Reign is one of two new frozen yogurt shops in Eau Claire. Break out your spoons!

Eau Claire digestive tracts have two more options for scoring some good bacteria these days – and they say, bring it on! Cherry Berry recently opened at 2524 Golf Rd. in Eau Claire (across the parking lot from Burger King) and offers real dairy frozen yogurt in 50 flavors ranging from Sea Salted Caramel Pretzel to Strawberry (made with real strawberries), which customers can  swirl together by choosing the lever between flavors. Installed at eye level are 50 toppings in dispensers, including graham cracker crumbs, sliced almonds, and coconut. The franchise’s two-tone décor scheme of vivid lime green and waxed-car-red (incorporated into the walls, couches and novelty chairs) provides visual tang. At forty-four cents an ounce, their self-serve method is irresistible. Cherry Berry locations have been creeping up all over the state, with more slated to open soon. 

Locally owned and operated Raspberry Reign has been reigning over the university area ever since they opened this summer at 310 Water St.  Their six weekly flavors are simple and delectable, but they also boast a wide range of highly unexpected toppings, from grapes and balsamic vinegar syrup to mochi and pop rocks. Raspberry Reign stays open until 3am Thursday through Sunday so the post-bar crowd can satisfy their “fro yo” cravings. These shops join Frogiyo – which opened in Phoenix Park in May – on the frozen yogurt boom. Both new businesses are focusing on the health benefits of frozen yogurt as opposed to the  ice cream, pleasing our digestive tracts as well as our taste buds. 

Lasker Jewelers
Lasker Jewelers

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