Note from the Editor | May 31, 2012

Saying Goodbye. And hello.

Nick Meyer

New digs, in progress.
New digs, in progress.

As this issue hits the streets, the Volume One staff is hastily shuffling boxes, desks, chairs, and our dusty vintage camera collection into our new home at 205 N. Dewey Street (on the corner of Dewey and Galloway). Needless to say it’s an exciting time for us. Even though we’ve been in our current space at 17 S. Barstow for nearly seven years, a lot of how we’ve used it has always seemed sort of temporary. We cobbled together our computer network and phone systems. We made do with half-broken equipment and beat-up office furniture. Any tiny bit of open floor space became makeshift storage. And let’s just say our extension cord-based “lighting system” has been less than legal. We even gave up our only conference area at the front of our office to try out The Local Store.  

After a year or more of planning a proper, permanent home for ourselves, it still feels bittersweet to leave the creative space we’ve known and loved. We grew up here, man. To make ends meet during those first few years, we shared our space with other local artists and creative businesses, creating a sort of loose co-op with photographers, illustrators, and musicians (and yes the legend that a certain Vernon first moved in here with us is true). So now it’s like we’re leaving our ramshackle off-campus house where we came-of-age with our buddies, to move into a proper downtown loft by ourselves. Of course, that’s part of the life cycle for a business as much as a person. Start small, grow up, move on. You just hope you do the best you can with every stage.

So from now on we’ll be in our new space. After remodeling the building since January, the upper level is finally ready for us to come work. Unfortunately, the re-opening of the Local Store and gallery on the main level will be a couple weeks behind (but trust us, once it opens you’re going to love it). We’ll announce a soft-opening for it as soon as we can, and there will of course be a big ol’ party yet this summer. We’ve already booked our first art show and reception for the gallery, we have our first special music event lined up, and we’ve even set up a local music video debut screening – all happening towards the end of June. We’ll be unveiling a bunch of new products at the store too – so it’s going to be a fun summer. And! We’ll let you know about the new creative co-working facility soon too – dubbed WorkSpace – as that will likely open sometime in July. Get more info on that at

Thanks for visiting us at 17 S. Barstow for so many years. And we’ll look forward to seeing your face at 205 N. Dewey real soon.

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