Stout Students Recreate Menomonie Drive-In

Trevor Kupfer

Starting April 20, Russell J. Rassbach Heritage Museum in Menomonie will host a new exhibit about the city’s former drive-in movie theater. Created by Stout design and construction students from testimonials and a Google maps image, the exhibit focuses on the former Wakanda Park theater (1953-85) that until now had very little documented about it. The exhibit will be recreated in the museum’s auditorium. It will include a memory wall, where visitors can help shed more light on the old drive-in. As part of the event there’s also double-feature screenings of infamously awful Ed Wood films: Bride of the Monster and Night of the Ghouls (April 20), Plan 9 From Outer Space and Glen or Glenda (April 27), and Tim Burton’s Ed Wood (May 4).

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