D&D Meets the Hodag in Medieval Fantasy Book

Lindsey Matysik

What happens when you mix Dungeons and Dragons and a Rhinelander lumberjack myth about a dragon called the Hodag? The answer involves a local Eau Claire man named Joseph Beaufeaux, and his book Eternal Knights, the first in a planned trilogy. Beaufeaux grew up in Rhinelander, and he attributes his fascination with dragons (and eventually all things medieval fantasy) to the local myth about a green saber toothed dragon called the Hodag. Beaufeaux began playing D&D in his spare time, and once he realized he had enough material from different modules (adventures), he began stringing them together to form the book’s world called Athanasia. His book, Eternal Knights, which is an epic tale featuring seven warriors called the Sacred Seven, is sure to please any authentic fantasy fan. Find it at The Local Store.

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