Glimpse | Area Girl Scouts Bust Out Local Lore Merit Badge

Lauren Kurkowski

Local Girl Scouts have an old idea for a new badge. The fourth- and fifth-grade troop at the Chippewa Valley Montessori Charter School, led by Kim Lien and Lissa Ziehr, is introducing a “local lore” badge to their repertoire. “I love choosing badges that include activities that will leave them in awe, inspire them to action, awaken a curiosity in them, or open their minds to new ways of seeing the world,” says Lien about her scouts. At a recent troop meeting, Lien and Ziehr shared books and maps of the Chippewa Valley from the 1800s and 1900s. They hope to learn how Eau Claire became the place we know and love today. The troop has lots in store, such as touring the Ager House, Schlegelmilch House, Chippewa Valley Museum, learning from Frank Smoot’s stories, making old-fashioned crafts, playing pioneer games, and tasting traditional snacks (although Lien is a bit leery about lutefisk). The local lore badge also aims to reach out to the community. The troops will look for local historic places they think are important and can help preserve and maintain.

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