local songstress signed to worldwide label

Betty Nikia

If you haven’t already listened to Revery by Yohuna, do so now at Yohuna.bandcamp.com. When you’re done, mind blown into soft wispy bits by this kind of local talent, consider how much more amazing it is going to be listening to it on vinyl. Because that’s happening. The long-awaited Art Fag Recordings release of Revery has been mastered by Pete Lyman (No Age, Dunes, Colleen Green) and has an April 17 release date, when the mastered version will be available on vinyl and cassette. Art Fag’s distribution is through Revolver USA, which has worldwide distribution, so it’s kind of a big deal. However, rumor has it that you can get advanced vinyl copies during the Yohuna and Truman Peyote Midwest March 2012 tour March 16-31. As a bonus, the tour will feature a FARMS reunion show on March 24 in Eau Claire. Yohuna is Johanne Swanson (formerly of Feathe) has played on both coasts, the southwest, and throughout the Midwest. “I just had the thought that it’s ironic the title is Revery, because this whole thing HAS been such a dream,” says Yohuna. “It’s been over a year since I self-released it, and I never would have thought it’d get picked up like this. Art Fag was my total ‘dream label’; I love their roster, and it blows my mind that my name is among those acts.”

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