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BJ Kelly releases the first in a planned trilogy

Lindsey Matysik, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Local sci-fi author BJ Kelly cradles one third of his Brian Able trilogy (other two-thirds in progress).
Local sci-fi author BJ Kelly cradles one third of his Brian Able trilogy (other two-thirds in progress).

Brian Able’s world is changing. His familiar world of Eau Claire pre-World War II (circa 1936) is gone. And for some reason the mysterious dreams he’s been having, set in a location known as “the place between,” have something to do with it. Whether he likes it or not, Brian seems destined to become part of an otherworldly war.

B.J. Kelly, the 27-year-old author of The Chapters of Being Brian Able, officially released his novel in late January with CreateSpace, a service that helps authors self publish their work on Amazon. In doing so he kick-started a character he’s been working on for more than half his life.

B.J. Kelly has been writing on and off for the past 15 years, with his creativity and imagination initially piqued as a middle school student writing stories for class. He continued writing in high school, and shortly after Kelly was poised with the same question many young adults face: “What’s next?” Eventually, Kelly gathered a character from his original stories growing up, altered him a little bit, thus creating Brian Able, and began writing the first chapter in his sci-fi adventures around five years ago while working as a certified nursing assistant.

Much like the character of Brian Able, whose room is littered with books written by H.G. Wells, Kelly is likewise inspired by this master of science-fiction. But The Chapters of Being Brian Able’s best quality is that it is a mixed genre book with a very cinematic feel. It will definitely please science-fiction readers, along with appealing to fans of fantasy, horror, action, and drama.

And with Kelly already busy on the second installment of a planned trilogy, you can likewise take comfort in the fact that more is on the way.

Find the Brian Able saga at Amazon and The Local Store.