Pub Puzzles

brain teasers when you’re bored at the bar

Solutions and hints below!

1. Make this point down by only moving three coins.







2. Make four equal-sized boxes (same size as shown) by moving two matches.


3. Redraw the goal post by moving only two matches and making the “football” miss.







4. Make the similar coins grouped together by moving opposites together, two at a time. Coins must be slid together and end up touching another coin. This can be done in five moves.


5. Get the odd coin in the middle. You can touch and slide it, but can only touch the coin next to it (no sliding). Don’t touch the other with your hand or the odd coin.


6. Make four equilateral triangles without altering any matches (i.e. breaking or bending them) or creating any other shapes (e.g. squares).











Solutions & Strong Hints
1. The coins to move are on the points.
2. The boxes you make are two on top, two on bottom, but don’t share sides – only a few corners.
3. Slide the middle stick left, pick up the upper right post and place it in the lower left. The “glass” should now be upside down.
4. Move two from end A to end B. Then slide the next pair on end A to end B. Then go back to end A, but now there’s two like coins, so you have to leave one and move the pair inside of that coin to end B. Then do the same thing on end B, filling in the gap you left on end A. The final move is to fill the gap on end B with the two coins on end A.
5. Use the coin you can slide to hit the middle one while you touch it, thus making the untouchable one slide over enough for the odd coin to fit in the middle.
6. The triangle is 3D with a triangle base and a “teepee” balancing above it.