Mike's Art Supply

Menomonie art store goes independent

Heidi Kraemer, photos by Leah Dunbar

Are you an artist or aspiring to become one? Perhaps you just have some artistic hobbies or are just looking for some ideas for a one-time project. If so, check out Mike’s Art & Design Supply located in downtown Menomonie at 105 E Main St. Locally owned and operated by Mike Tarr, the store offers a wide range of studio art and design materials. From paints, papers, drawing materials, and ceramics to art metals, screen printing, etching, lino cutting as well as art-related furniture such as easels, lamps, and light boxes. Since 1996 the space was known as Penco Artist Supply. Mike and his wife Kari, both artists themselves, bought the store last July. Mike has his MFA in painting and drawing and enjoys mixed media work such as hard edge architectural art. Check out his website at MikeTarrArt.com. His wife Kari is an art teacher at Stout (and frequent Martha Stewart guest) and her website is KariTarr.com. Since there are lots of fashion classes offered at UW Stout, Mike’s plans to add threads, fabrics, and fashion design supplies this fall. “One of the nice things about this store is that we are keeping things local,” said Mike. “We feel good about supporting local shopping."